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In the XTream project we explore two major direction: the potential of applying stream processing principles to other application domains like, e.g., personal information processing and virtualizing traditional, performance critical stream processing applications by running them on top of a stream processing platform to meet integration and dynamic reconfiguration requirements.

Though both application domains have nearly orthogonal requirements, they can be satisfied by one common platform. Ultimately, this opens opportunities of seamlessly integrating applications from both domains. XTream specifies an exokernel-like architecture for stream processing engines and a distributed platform to run them. It is heavily based on modular and service oriented design principles. Our prototype is implemented on top of OSGi, a module and service standard for Java.

Currently XTream is my primary research project. It involves projects of other people in our group. The XTream prototype uses Concierge as implementation of the OSGi runtime and R-OSGi as the basic fabric for distributed operation. We use the MXQuery engine and the Linear Road benchmark built on top of it, which have both been implemented in our group, as an example of a traditional stream processing application with stringent performance requirements. Irina Boțan and Rokas Tamosevicius have helped to integrate MXQuery and Linear Road into XTream.