The river Rein da Tuma flowing off lake Toma. From Wikimedia Commons.

The Alpenrhein project is joint work with Adrian Sch├╝pbach and explores the potential of exploiting specific hardware knowledge (location of memory, cache hierarchy and sharing between cores, structure and attachment of interconnects) and non-abstracted access to hardware (similar to an Exokernel) in a language runtime like the JVM. We will port a JVM to the Barrelfish research operating system, which is being developed in our group, and modify and extend it to a richer OS interface. The techniques we plan to use to better integrate the OS and the runtime are not new per se (e.g., integration of OS virtual memory with runtime memory management, scheduler activations) but worthwhile to be revisited, extended, and combined in the context of recent heterogeneous multi-core systems, which have further increased the processor-memory gap.